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02.04.2021: ❤️ Shindig! Magazine… the latest! Thank you so much for the incredibly lovely review of our 6th Floor Orchestra 7” record in our favorite UK magazine, Camilla Aisa Jon Mills, Shindig! #111 Issue January 2021.❤️❤️ “Dama Satanica / Cuerdas de Bruja”. It’s serendipitous because I’ve been seeing 11:11 almost daily leading up to it and I was watching “Haxan” when I was brainstorming visuals for our release! I also absolutely loved the articles about Suzanne Ciani – Diva of the Diode @sevwave, Serge Gainsbourg’s Histoire de Melody Nelson with a nice write up with the lovely @mrandyvotel of Finders Keepers Records #finderskeepers and beautiful images of Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot, nice Sly & The Family Stone cover, Syd Barrett (Official) artwork, and a bunch of other friends’ lovely albums!

01.07.2021: Thank you Shindig! Magazine… the latest! & Camilla Aisa for featuring 6th Floor Orchestra in the January Issue #111. We’re so completely honored to be included in one of our most favorite magazines! And SOOO much good stuff in this month’s mag! Ciani! Serge! Birkin! Syd! Sly! xx Order your copy today at, Barnes & Noble or your local record shop!​

01.01.2021: Thank you Quentin of Friday NEON 4ZZZRadio 102.1 FM for making us a part of your New Year’s Day show. You are making us blush or is that blood…; ) 1/1/2021 Radio Show feat. “Dama Satanica” (She’s the devil) – 6th Floor Orchestra ​

12:29.2020: 4ZZZ Radio, thanks for playing 6th Floor Orchestra on the Right Here, Right Now 12/29 radio show. 

12.27.2020: Thank you Camilla Aisa for featuring 6th Floor Orchestra song “Cuerdas De Bruja” in this 2020 playlist. Very kind of you to think of us.

11.23.2020: Thanks to the Kaleidoskop Radio Show and Alice Peters-Burns in Germany, for playing our 6th Floor Orchestra track “Cuerdas de Bruja” today 11/20 at 5-6pm CET, on ByteFM!

11.20.2020: Many thanks @AliceOnTheWaves of OFFBEAT Music & NOVUMfm in Germany, for spinning a track from our 6th Floor Orchestra 7″ “Cuerdas de Bruja” on your lovely radio show on 11/19 8-10pm CE. Thanks for the love!

11.10.2020: Thanks 4ZZZ Friday NEON 4ZZZ Radio 102.1 FM et Quentin dans Brisbane, Australia for playing @6th Floor Orchestra two weeks in a row. ❤️

11.03.2020: Wowza! Hey Rhode Island! Tune in to WRIU 90.3 FM the amazing psychedelic ExplosiveCorrosive Joseph WRIU WRIU is spinnin our 6th Floor Orchestra tunes tonite on the radio at 9pm-12am. If you aren’t in the region you can catch it at Cheers!

11.02.2020: Aw, thank you Quentin of 4ZZZ Radio for the really kind shout from Brisbane, Australia last Friday 10/30 on Friday NEON 4ZZZ Radio 102.1 FM. Very honored to be featured on your lovely radio show. Thanks for airing Auramics over the years and also now with 6th Floor Orchestra. Cheers! – Kristi x

10.29.2020: Hey all you curiouser black cats in the lovely Brisbane, Australia, tune your whiskers to 4ZZZ 102.1 FM this Friday 10/30 at 10am (GMT+10) to hear 6th Floor Orchestra on our lovely friends’ radio show Friday NEON 4ZZZ Radio 102.1 FM to kick off your halloween weekend. Thank you, Quentin! xx

10.26.2020: 🎃 Happy Hallows week, you can now stream our 6th Floor Orchestra 7″, music vid, as separate tracks. Side A: “Cuerdas de Bruja”

10.26.2020: 👻 Happy Hauntings this week, you can now stream our 6th Floor Orchestra 7″, music vid, as separate tracks.
Side B: “Dama Satanica”

01.03.2020: 🖤 Thank you @markeyfunk for featuring @6thfloororchestra in this wonderful mix including a bunch of wonderful friends.

11:06.2018: Thank you Mustard Relics for the lovely review for our 6th Floor Orchestra debut.

11.27.2018: Cheers Shroom Tunes @leahmellmer ! ❤️🍄 Thanks for playing our track on your @freeformpdx radio show!

11.27.2018: ✌🍄 Good Morning friends. Our Portland psych pal Leah is playing some music today on her radio show Shroom Tunes , a bunch of lovely friends’ records and our @6thfloororchestra track “Cuerdas de Bruja” at 8-10am PST (11 EST) you can listen at 90.3 FM Portland or if you live elsewhere… ❤️

11.08.2018 SOLD OUT! 👀🖤Our first run of our @6thfloororchestra 7” “Dama Satanica / Cuerdas De Bruja” record is dust! Cheers! You can download the songs at

10.31.2018 👀🖤👻Happy Hallows! The music vid premiere that our bandmate, @kristiscarvelis directed/animated is on YouTube.

10.31.2018 👀🖤👻Happy Hallows!
We present to you the premiere of our new music project collab @6thfloororchestra 7” “Dama Satanica / Cuerdas De Bruja” release. It is available on limited edition 7” handmade lathe records on bandcamp.

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