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❤️🌼🍄 Aw, thank you Quentin of @4zzzradio for the really kind…

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❤️🌼🍄 Aw, thank you Quentin of @4zzzradio for the really kind shout from Brisbane, Australia last Friday 10/30. Very honored to be featured on your lovely radio show. Thanks for airing @auramics over the years and now with our @6thfloororchestra and having a great radio show of good vibes to have our music played of the psychedelic, musique concrete, early Radiophonic variety with your listeners. Grateful for all the wonderful friends I’ve made around the globe bc of these projects. It’s truly a treasure. Xx -Kristi

If you would like to stream the radio show featuring our 6th Floor Orchestra track “Cuerdas de Bruja” you can do so here: @meowq70

Another radio show coming up tomorrow nite, will announce in the AM. Xx


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